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OB Schedule of Services

Services Include

  • Consultation including complete history and physical examination.
  • Normal prenatal office visits in our office. This does not include office visits due to injuries or illness not directly related to pregnancy.
  • Routine urinalysis testing for sugar and albumin at each prenatal visit.
  • Postpartum examinations at six weeks following a normal delivery, and one and six weeks following cesarean section.
  • Delivery of the infant.

Examples of Services Not Included:

  • Laboratory work including blood typing and Rh factor, complete blood count and urinalysis, serology repeat hemoglobins, Rh titer, rubella titer, AFP, Cystic Fibrosis Screening, cultures and pap smears. All lab work will be billed separately from the laboratory itself. In some cases, there may be a blood drawing fee or other charges billed by our office, such as:
  • X-ray and/or ultrasound examinations.
  • Non-stress tests, oxytocin challenge tests, amniocentesis, etc.
  • Emergency room calls or hospital visits.
  • Medications, injections, postpartum rubella immunizations, etc.
  • Surgical assistant if necessary. Surgical consultations if a second opinion is required.
  • Hospital admissions for problems and complications such as toxemia, intractable vomiting of pregnancy, threatened miscarriage, diabetes control, kidney infections, etc.
  • Elective or medically indicated induction of labor.
  • Appointments made specifically for cold and flu symptoms.
  • Care of infant in the hospital and circumcision of male infants.
  • Anesthesiologist, pathologist and other providers’ charges are billed outside of our office.
  • Charges incurred while in the hospital are also billed outside of our office

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